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Covid-19: State of the Capital Markets

Date: 3/26/2020

 The Black Swan is upon us.  As the global financial markets react to the unforeseen impacts of the Covid19 virus, we wanted to provide an update to our clients and industry friends regarding the current state of commercial real estate finance, loan origination, and capital markets.

​The market is open for business. We continue to speak with lenders daily and have several transactions in progress.  If you are currently in the market transacting, it is important to be patient and understand that the market is fluid.

Our current view of the market can be generally summarized as follows:

Other General Observations:

If you need to transact, you should get into the market as soon as possible as the process is likely to be protracted given that lenders are overwhelmed by loan requests.  Borrowers need to be prepared for slower response times given general business interruption and distracted employees who are dealing with various iterations of the quarantine.

Working with a mortgage broker can help ensure that your transaction is being prioritized by lenders that remain active, and that any perceived market risks are being mitigated upfront.  If you need assistance with a transaction, our team is standing by to help.   Learn More