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Cloud Computing Creates New Opportunities for Self Storage Operations
Posted 11/22/2019
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 Cloud computing creates new opportunities for self storage operations by relocating data and applications from on-premise servers and hard drives to the cloud. Although specific features can vary based on the cloud solution and devices at play in your facility, there are several ways cloud technology can benefit your self storage business.

Cloud-computing enhances the functionality and flexibility of your entire business operation. Based on your operational needs, cloud-based systems can be customized to give owners and operators centralized visibility of site activity, metrics, and financials across an entire portfolio. This centralization of data provides the ability to monitor, control and respond quickly to any onsite needs from anywhere in the world.

Cloud solutions also reduce operations costs for a self storage facility. By performing software updates and upgrades automatically, cloud solutions eliminate the need to manually update software and settings. Operations also benefit from improved disaster recovery because all of their data is stored safely in the cloud versus on hardware located at the facility.

The ease of scalability associated with cloud-based solutions makes them ideal for self-storage portfolios that envision long-term success and growth. In the past, business growth usually meant implementing an entirely new system built to handle new requirements from the additional workload. Cloud-based systems are extremely scalable meaning you can add new users and devices to the system quickly and easily.

With these benefits cloud-computing represents more than an incremental improvement in self storage. It is a fundamental shift in the way your operation stores and accesses data and software. By taking advantage of the opportunities the cloud has to offer you can significantly enhance your ability to improve operations and bottom-line performance.  Learn more.

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