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Motili and PTI Security Systems Join Forces to Deliver HVAC Remote Monitoring
Posted 11/20/2019
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As a result of several internal HVAC building systems asset audit projects, it became apparent that some climate-controlled self storage property owners and operators do not have clear visibility into their existing HVAC assets.

Many owners and operators simply do not have time to monitor their HVAC systems manually, especially at enterprise-level facilities spread across multiple cities or states.

A lack of line-of-sight into HVAC operational efficiency and ability presents two main issues:

1. Improperly functioning HVAC units can significantly increase energy consumption and thereby cost.

2. Broken HVAC units in climate controlled self storage facilities lead to lower customer satisfaction and potential damage to stored items. Both of these issues are liabilities for owners and operators, for which there is now an elegant technology solution.

In collaboration with a market leader in self storage security access control PTI Security Systems, Motili created an integration with PTI’s CORE™ Platform. This integration allows PTI’s self storage customers access to Motili within the platform and provides:

  • Real time HVAC system stability tracking
  • Detailed reporting
  • Failure alerts and notifications
  • Automated contractor dispatch
  • Nationwide contractor coverage

This collaboration allows storage facility owners and operators to easily manage HVAC systems in all of their storage properties across the US. With one point of contact for billing, repair and maintenance, finding a contractor, scheduling a visit and dealing with invoices becomes a simple and efficient process.

Additional benefits of the remote monitoring process is increased energy efficiency, which leads to lower overhead costs. Remote monitoring and proactive maintenance of HVAC building systems leads to repairs often being completed during off-peak seasons, meaning lower labor rates and less disruption to the business.

Existing PTI Core™ Platform customers have access to Motili at no additional cost. If you’re interested in utilizing this technology for your self storage facility click here.

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