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Why You Should Use Cloud Access Control
Posted 8/15/2019
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 Up to Date Software

Utilizing cloud-based access control allows you to keep your software current at all times. You want a gate software that is going to be around for a long time and that you will not have to pay to upgrade. The hallmark of an updated software is one that is web-based because updates can consistently be pushed to your software. This is the best way to ensure that you have as few gate issues as possible. This will also be the best way to get new features like text-to-open gate access.


Reliability is another factor to consider when looking for a gate software. A cloud-based gate software eliminates some of the issues that hinder reliability including the need for an onsite computer, which may cause issues if it updates or crashes.

Reliability of your gate hardware is also important. Sturdy hardware will last a long time and can easily be changed if there is a problem.


It is critical to choose a cloud access control with a company that can provide you with competent customer support. Often, technical support is ticket based. This means you will be issued a ticket and the company will call you back at their convenience. You want a company that can assist in resolving your issue when you are in need.

Easy Storage Solutions Cloud Access Control

Easy Storage Solutions offers cloud-based access control that can provide all of the aforementioned options. They also have features such as text-to-open gate access and opening your gate right from your software via laptop, desktop computer, mobile phones, or any other mobile device.  Learn More

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