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The Importance of Basic Security Measures
Posted 8/15/2019
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According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, in 2017, over 50% of burglaries in the United States involved forceable entry. A few basic security measures can give you the upper hand against these types of crimes.

Reducing clutter and keeping a clean perimeter around your facility reinforces the owner’s awareness of his or her surroundings and minimizes curious onlookers. In other words, do not give people a reason to explore your property. Trim hedges and trees to eliminate hiding spots.

Putting a spotlight on dark areas eliminates potential hiding spots by directing light toward access points such as doors, windows and alleys. A well-lit area is easier for your local police to watch and often becomes a hub they operate from while on patrol. Consider a combination of motion activated and photocell lights that turn on from dusk to dawn.

Quality video surveillance is a key security element and no longer has to be expensive. Wireless systems with multiple cameras can be installed with minimum skill for only hundreds of dollars. Place the cameras out of reach, directed at your weakest access points. Your focused lighting will ensure quality photography. Be sure to post signs letting passersby know they are being monitored.

No physical barrier is complete without a locking system on the entry points. If you are using padlocks, consider keyed over combination for their improved physical security benefits. Choose a boron shackle over case hardened steel because it is 50% tougher to cut. Insist on higher quality lock cylinders with security pins in their design to mitigate the risk of lock picking.

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About the author Sharing over 30 years experience in the security industry, Pat Smith is the President of Commando Lock Company, a US manufacturer of military grade padlock systems. Learn More

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