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Gartner Names Logi-Serve as a 2019 Next Gen Talent Assessment
Posted 8/7/2019
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 Logi-Serve today announced that Gartner Inc., the world’s leading research and advisory company, named Logi-Serve as a Next-Gen Talent Assessments Sample Vendor in its Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Technology, 2019! According to Gartner, “This Hype Cycle informs application leaders who are transforming HCM about the latest technological innovations in the market. It will help them prioritize investments by providing insights into the maturity of key applications and technologies.”

Gartner defines Next-Gen Talent Assessments as follows: “These next-generation assessments combine advanced neuroscience, analytical, data-driven and gamification techniques to supply insights to inform decisions about the degree of fit of individual workers. These insights apply to both current and potential future roles, thus spanning the full talent life cycle. These assessments can also be used to determine a worker’s potential cultural fit to organizational units within an enterprise. They do this by comparing individual trait profiles to those of high-performing workers within a given role.

” Regarding the business impact of Next-Gen Talent Assessments, Gartner states, “Next-generation assessments that leverage emerging neuroscience discoveries effectively apply data-driven AI, deliver gamified user experiences, and can help to reduce administrative costs. They can also improve the effectiveness of workers by more accurately identifying best-fit candidates for critical roles. Finally, they can reduce costs and improve productivity, since best-fit candidates generally have a longer tenure in jobs and within the enterprise. This can, in turn, reduce direct offboarding, hiring and onboarding costs, decrease the cost of training new hires, and speed their time to competency.”

Logi-Serve, a growing software-based business execution and talent assessment firm, utilizes a unique immersive and scientifically-validated role-playing technique and gamification platform that draws in candidates through a series of job-related scenarios. Its real-time reporting and analytics engine generates actionable data to inform hiring and promotion decisions.

Logi-Serve is also the first tool to combine psychometrics, and financial modeling to bring an unrivaled level of insight into the financial impact of hiring and development decision making.   Learn More

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