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One SEO Report Can Keep the Doctor Away
Posted 8/6/2019
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When was the last time you checked your company’s digital wellness? How about your mobile aptitude? It is never too early or too late to start analyzing your online and mobile presence.

This year, the iPhone turned 12. As a marketer and consumer, it is hard to remember life before the iPhone. Every year, smartphones and other handheld devices become increasingly more popular and sophisticated in their capabilities. An estimated five billion individuals globally now have access to smartphones and on average spend nearly five hours a day on the device. This means the key to finding new customers now lies in their ability to find your business.

Online Presence and Customer Health

What is digital wellness and how can you implement it into your business’s marketing campaign? Although a company’s health and overall performance is equally as important, digital wellness in this sense refers to the well-being of a business in our technological world. Understanding the right forms of communication, accessibility and visibility are all steps towards establishing a healthy digital wellness. In doing so, you can minimize unnecessary page views, saving the customer from excessive screen time. As private information is sometimes now made public online, consumers put an emphasis on those companies that make privacy a priority. Emphasizing the importance of treating personal information with respect, both internally and externally, will establish customer loyalty and peace of mind.

Where to Begin

Vivial is here to help storage businesses navigate this sometimes-confusing landscape. Did you know that the number one reason customers cannot find you on Google comes from incorrect business listings? Learn more

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