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What Is Your Talent Assessment Strategy?

Date: 7/31/2019

Logi-Serve uses validated employee assessment science and technology to reduce costly employee turnover, increase productivity and build a lasting culture of efficient performance.  

For positions like counter sales and customer service, you can use Logi-Serve to assess individuals to determine job fit and the candidates ability to excel at providing positive customer experiences, customer service and sales encounters.

Logi-Serve offers a leadership potential assessment (LPA) that measures core competencies and predicts operational leadership aptitude and abilities. Leading experts believe the inclemental value of a worthwhile manager is around $200,000 and this tool is designed to forecast performance and tie assessment scores directly to financial value.

Often, organizations promote high-performing employees to manage others but discover they lack the behaviors, skills and motivation required to be effective managers and leaders.

The Logi-Serve LPA represents an opportunity for organizations to identify, promote and train people who specifically exhibit the ability to fit and perform in any operational leadership position.   Learn More