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Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) Names ConnectM as a Preferred Vendor Partner

Date: 7/9/2019

The Storage Business Owners Alliance, LLC. (“SBOA”), the premier buying group for self storage owners and operators nationwide, announced that it has named ConnectM, leading device connectivity company focused on climate intelligence, as a Preferred Vendor Partner. ConnectM utilizes Internet of Things (IOT) to provide remote asset management and climate monitoring, automated thermostat meter reading and predictive maintenance solutions.

“By monitoring energy output and providing a solution for controlling HVAC devices remotely, ConnectM offers an invaluable resource to our members,” said Jeniece Henson, Executive Vice -President of The SBOA. “We are confident their innovative technology will provide long-term savings.”

ConnectM helps:

ConnectM provides Smart Sensors and software to Commercial property owners, managing their Heating & Cooling systems, and mitigating high energy consumption.

“Our HVAC Lifecycle Care offerings allow us to ensure minor issues don’t become major problems. We can automatically sense minor equipment issues and schedule repairs. To date, these types of repairs are an unplanned operational expense, but with our insights, building owners can now view this as a planned capital expense.” said Kevin Stateham, Vice President of Business Development at ConnectM.

About The SBOA

The SBOA features pre-negotiated discounts with more than 30 industry-leading vendors for the benefit of its 7,000+ member-facilities within the self-storage industry. To sign up for the SBOA or to learn more about these affiliate programs, visit the SBOA website, or contact Jeniece Carter-Henson at 727-365-6722 or

About ConnectM

ConnectM provides remote asset management, automated meter reading (e-metering), energy technology, fleet management and remote condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions. Their remote asset management solutions help companies lower energy consumption resulting in reduced overall operational expenses. The company’s e-metering solutions enable energy, gas and water utilities to automate the process of reading meters to measure consumption by consumers and address losses. Its energy management solutions help to monitor and optimize the energy consumed by various assets such as lighting, HVAC and DG sets. For more information, contact Kevin Stateham at 774-276-1021 or