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Mobile Technology and the Impact on Consumers

Date: 5/23/2019

At Vivial, we offer a lot of snippets of information and quick statistics to drive home our point about different digital marketing technologies. Mobile technology has been no exception. With rapid adoption and ever-evolving capabilities, mobile is a marketing platform we have had our eye on for some time. Let us take a closer look at how mobile is changing the face of the American consumer and what that means for you.

The “nice to have” mobile device of the past has been replaced with a necessary smartphone owned by nearly 270 million Americans who look at that device 14 billion times per day collectively. Mobile usage has changed, with 93% of consumers using their device for texting which is a 6% domination over usage for the phone feature. We are not talking primarily about a younger demographic. In 2018 smartphone adoption growth was strongest among older age groups.

It is not just how consumers are using their phones that is changing, it is where. 93% of American consumers use their phone while shopping. In fact, 82% of them will consult their phone when making a purchase. Combined with consumers’ most-used feature, which is texting, 77% of them will spend more when redeeming a mobile offer received via text message.

What does all this mean for you as a self storage business owner? It is changing behaviors impacted largely by the little device most of us carry in our pockets or purses. Your customers want information about your business to be accurate and accessible from their mobile device.

Do you know how to capitalize on this increasing trend toward mobile? With the right plan and the right tools, your business can evolve. When you are connecting and engaging with more customers your are ultimately growing your business. Vivial is proud to now offer text message marketing with our Marketing Platform so any size business can engage with customers on the very device they use most.  Learn more.