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Keys to Success: No Keys

Date: 2/5/2019

In today’s hyper-competitive market, everyone is looking for an advantage. In the self storage industry, operators are finding the key to gaining a competitive advantage is no keys. How many times have your customers lost their key and forced you to cut their padlock? How many times have you gotten calls from customers who forgot their gate code after office hours? Forgotten keys and codes are not only time consuming for your managers, but they are frustrating for your tenants. Solving these annoyances for your customers is key.

To gain market share in competitive industries, offering a superior product is vital. How are people doing this in self storage? They are ditching traditional access control systems and padlocks for a smarter solution. With the SecurGuard Smart Entry System by Janus International, tenant’s smartphones become the key to their unit. Offering tenants easier access along with the unmatched security of a lock inside the unit, the SecurGuard system can help your facility stand apart from your competition.

If you are like me, you forget passwords all the time. I get frustrated with sites and apps that do not allow me to quickly and easily recover my password. Traditional access control systems are a prime example of this annoyance. If you forget your password, there is no recourse other than calling into a call center or going to the front desk and asking for assistance. This wastes time for your customer and manager. When I forget my Gmail password, I just enter my phone number and I am texted a code to reset my password. I do not have to talk to anyone and the process is complete in a matter of seconds. Would it not be great if your access control system worked the same way for your tenants?

With SecurGuard, your tenants phone is not only the key to their unit, but it is the key to the gate as well. If a tenant forgets the password to your branded SecurGuard app, they simply click forget password and they are texted a code to reset their password. No longer do you have to fret about tenants forgetting their code to the keypad at the front gate. You also need not worry about someone coming up to the gate and guessing a code. We all know that you can gain access to most facilities by simply entering sequential numbers into the keypad. With the Bluetooth gate controller used in the SecurGuard system, there are no codes. The only way to gain access to your facility is with a smartphone app only available to your tenants. So go ahead and ditch your outdated keypad and rest assured that you are offering your customers a top of the line experience with no keys, no codes, no problems.

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