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2019: New Year, New Opportunities
Posted 1/14/2019
Author Jim Mooney
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Right around this time every year, the Internet is filled with people talking about their New Year's resolutions. What about in the business world? Why do we not do this more often?

It is amazing when people start a job and begin evaluating their new opportunities. Inevitably, when we ask a question about policy or procedure, the answer tends to be “that is the way we have always done it and it works". We are all guilty of this at some point in time.

Change is inevitable with the constantly-evolving technology. Simply put: what was new three years ago could be outdated today.

Recently, I was touring facilities and one of the partners made a very wise remark: "This is the only opportunity we will get for you to view the facilities with a fresh set of eyes." Ironically, I did notice a few things that escaped others in the group. When we finished the tour, we talked about a few of the items. I was given the standard response and then the conversation began about change.

It really made me think that, as an industry, we really need to take a “fresh look” at our facilities and daily procedures to make sure we are using the latest technology. For example, the changes in state legal statutes have enabled us to communicate with our customers via electronic channels, such as texting or emailing. This is a great time and cost saver for the facility.

Additionally, when was the last time you looked at your lease? Listening to several of the legal experts in the storage industry at the conferences, it is recommended it to review once a year.

The bigger question is, when you find something that you question what do you do with it? Stay with the old adage that this is how we have always done it or look at it with a fresh set of eyes? Your choice.

About the Author

Known as one of the modernizers of self storage processes, Jim Mooney leverages 20 years of storage experience to constantly improve the performance of their portfolio of properties. Currently he is a vice president of operations at Freedom Storage Management. He was formerly a vice president of Devon Self Storage has held many different positions in that organization. Jim has just been selected to serve on the board for the Pennsylvania Self Storage Association (PASSA). He has been a speaker, moderator and panelist at numerous industry conventions, conferences as well a frequent contributor to industry publications. He has recently been the key note speaker at both Eastern and Western Canadian Conferences.

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