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Self Storage Marketing - What Are We Selling and How Can We Sell It Best?
Posted 9/18/2018
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Tomatoes. Like your local farmer’s market, the tomato in front of you is essentially the same as the tomato at the next booth. Your 10 x 10 storage unit is essentially the same your competitors down the street. Now, we have to compare apples to apples or in this case tomatoes to tomatoes, so please assume that the facilities are equivalent. Gate access, climate controlled units, etc., whatever you have, chances are someone else in town is selling the exact same tomato.

Competitively Selling Tomatoes

How can you differentiate your units from everyone else’s units? The first thing that comes to mind is price. If I sell my tomatoes cheaper than you, I will sell out first! Right? Wrong! This is the major weakness of the self storage model; once your facility is full, you have no more tomatoes to sell and you are stuck renting at a reduced rate. Additionally, you may have induced your competition into a potential price war and in that event, everyone loses. A $5 a month reduction in rent across a 100 unit facility translates into a $6,000 reduction in annual revenue. That is a lot of tomatoes.

How else can you differentiate your facility? Convenience and top of mind. Here, the tomato analogy can be tabled and the donut takes its place. The donut is a classic impulse buy. You go get gas, stop in for a cup of coffee and when you are paying, you see donuts by the register. You purchase without price shopping because it was convenient. Now think about how many tenants call saying, “I need a unit today, can you help me?” They want their donut and they want it convenient and fast. This is how you differentiate your doughnut, tomato or 10x10 reasonably secure box with a roll-up door.

If your tomatoes are easier to buy and pay for, you will sell more of them faster. Every time you make an impression on a customer, it costs you and them time and money. Imagine, if your customer could find your facility, select their unit, sign their contract, pay their bill all while eating breakfast in their kitchen. Visibility and ease of use are crucial. 92% of Americans own cell phones and about 90% of those phones are smartphones with data. That means 80% of the US population will use a search engine to find what they are looking for and not the $1,200 yellow pages ads. If you want to sell your tomatoes fast you need at least two things:

  1. An attractive, functional website
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Automating your business systems as much as possible is one of the most cost-effective ways to add value to your business, increase profitability, improve record-keeping and fill your units. Having an outstanding management software package will pay huge dividends in a very short time. The standard self storage property management software cost starts around $300 per month for a basic package and increases from there. However, what if you could get a full service software suit that only costs $29.99 per month (for up to 400 units)? 

6Storage has developed a complete solution for exactly that price. What do you get for $29.99?

  1. Electronic documents with a digital signature
  2. Online billing and reservations 
  3. Gate access controls Integrations
  4. An interactive custom sitemap specific to your properties
  5. Automatic emails to remind tenants for tenants
  6. A single set of login credentials to access information for multiple locations
  7. A secure gateway to credit card processors
  8. Real, live tech support at all times
  9. A custom website specific to your business
  10. SEO support 
  11. Automatic recurring payments for your customers and more

6Storage will set up your business website, help you load your units, configure your sitemap and get your tomatoes flying out of your basket. This includes a 60 day trial, free set up support and zero-obligation month to month billing. 6Storage believes in earning your business every day of every month.

Each day your units sit empty is a day you can not charge rent. Every time a potential customer uses a search engine to find your competition, an opportunity is lost. The self storage industry is a commodity market. Fancy signs, remodeled offices, gorgeous landscaping is all well and good, but none of that is really you helping your customers choose you over your competition. It just means you have a fancier basket for your tomatoes.

View the 6Storage SBOA deal here and find out how you can start selling your tomatoes. 

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