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You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression: Part Two
Posted 5/3/2018
Author Jim Mooney
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We have all heard this old phrase and we should all know it is a fact. In the second installment, we will focus on applying this sentiment to your facility. 

This phrase is especially important when we are talking about the appearance of your facility when the customer first pulls up to your door. We all are guilty of pulling up to our property and just walking in the front door.

Take an objective look at your facility the next time you are there. Look for these few small, but very important, first observations:

Where are your managers parking? Nine times out of ten I bet you find them parked right by the office door. How many parking spots do you have anyway? If you have two or three and your manager is using one of them, where will your potential new customers, as well as existing customers, park? Have your managers park on the other side of the facility, away from the office.

Ask your manager how many times a week they drive the facility in the morning before going into the office. I would recommend that the manager makes a drive around as part of his/her opening and closing routine to ensure that your managers are putting an “eye” on the facility so they can address any issues that they might find. Some of the issues you may encounter include unlocked doors, fence issues, lights on or off and trash on the property.

Think about your front door. How many finger prints or old decals are you going to find on it? How about handwritten signs? What kind of impression are you presenting to your customers about your organization?

These are things that a customer can see even before they enter your front door.

Once inside the door, is your office clean and does it present a warm inviting feeling? Are the counters free from clutter and paperwork? How about one of the most important things to the female shopper - how clean is your restroom? Many studies show that a clean restroom is a determining factor in choosing a storage unit.

Stay tuned for the third installment of this article coming your way soon…..

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