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How HR Outsourcing Can Simplify Your Hiring Practice
Posted 3/28/2018
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As an owner of a storage facility, every expansion decision you make has a huge impact on the rest of the company. Departments grow as needed because you need every drop of capital reinvested in expanding your customer base, improving your products and streamlining your processes. Many companies completely forego 'standard' departments because they are, thus far, unnecessary. A cloud-services company needs a food production department about as much as a bakery needs an online help desk.

But what about HR? Every single business needs to ensure their hires are top quality, their employee benefits (and payroll) are properly managed and that they are within legal HR compliance. However, when your team is small and turnover is infrequent, there is no need to invest in an entirely new department. There are independent companies that specialize in serving as outsourced HR departments for dozens if not hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Consider the following staffing benefits to an independent HR company versus an in-house department:

Only Hire When You Are Hiring

If your company does not yet support more than two hundred employees and you do not suffer from a high turnover rate, there is no need to be constantly hiring. This means that besides keeping HR paperwork in order, even a single HR staff member would be sitting on their hands for much of the day or finding less than necessary tasks to keep themselves busy. Outsourcing allows you to gain all the benefits of HR staff, but none of the inefficiencies of an in-house HR office.

Access to The Network

When you do occasionally need a new hire, you naturally want the best possible fit, but finding them can take months of sifting through resumes and conducting interviews. One of the primary benefits of a busy HR department is their amazing collection of resumes and personal connections to talented professionals. Rather than waiting months through an arduous search process, a professional external HR team is likely to already have a list of job seekers likely to be a good fit for your open position.

A Trusted Team Without the Overhead

Housing an entirely new department is costly and if you do not need an entire HR department, the designated staff and office space will essentially go to waste. Rather than pouring resources into a department you only barely need, you can rely on the professional reputation of an independent B2B HR service, who have experience providing the same consistent HR services to hundreds of businesses.

Guaranteed HR Compliance

On top of the office and recruiting hassles, HR duties come with special regulations to ensure that each business has fair hiring and employment practices. These rules are long, complex and require expert attention to keep every business within compliance. Especially when enacting diverse hiring policies, your best bet for careful compliance is with a team that spends their lives immersed in these regulations and helping their clients stay in compliance has become second nature.

Your employees are a valued and vital part of your business and adding to that team is no trivial task. Rather than worrying about the rigors of building a small and possibly unnecessary in-house HR department, why not instead take advantage of partnering with the HR experts at AlphaStaff? To find out how AlphaStaff can provide the HR expertise needed to create efficiencies in your storage business, contact Vice President of Strategic Business Development, Jeniece Carter-Henson, at or at 727-365-6722.

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