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Online Listing Management

Date: 3/26/2018

Think about a business card. It has all your pertinent business information on it such as name, address, phone number, etc. Chances are, someone within your company created those business cards, so unless something changed recently, the information is all correct. If a consumer came across this business card and used it to visit or contact your business, they would make the connection with no issues.

Now, consider what would happen if business cards were created by people other than business owners. Perhaps the local Chamber of Commerce was creating them or former customers or other businesses in the area. Subtle errors may begin to arise. An address like 123 Main Street might become 1234 Main Blvd. Digits in the phone number might get jumbled. Before you know it, there might be four or five different versions of the business card out there and no one (other than you) would know which one is accurate.

What we have just described is essentially what the online listing environment is like for your storage facility. Google, Bing, MapQuest, Yelp and are just a few of the hundreds of places where your business could be listed right now but either is not listed or is, but with incorrect information. This is frustrating to users trying to find you and hurts your SEO rankings.

Trying to research which of your listings need to be reviewed, claimed or corrected could be a full-time job. But through the partnership between List Self Storage and Vivial, you can run a free SEO Report to see how your business listings are appearing across the internet.

Whether you have one location or 100, Vivial can employ a powerful tool to ensure your information is accurate everywhere buyers are looking.