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Put Your Best Face Forward: Educate Your Managers and Customers about Tenant Insurance

Date: 2/28/2018

As a self storage owner/operator, you know the value of a great facility manager. That individual is the face of your business; they set the tone for the customer experience and build a relationship of trust.

Your facility manager also has the role of educating tenants on their self storage needs, especially at move-in. One important topic to discuss is tenant insurance. To educate customers about the value of tenant insurance, your facility manager should understand that:

  1. Without tenant insurance, customers are vulnerable. Despite taking precautions and security measures, no one can guarantee the protection of a tenant’s items from loss caused by a natural disaster, fire, flood or burglary. A storage lease releases operator liability from these types of loss, but tenant insurance will protect customers from the unexpected.
  2. Tenant insurance delivers value not only to customers, but also to the facility manager and the owner/operator. Managers should understand they are working in everyone’s best interest by emphasizing the need for insurance.

For customers, a homeowner’s or renter’s policy may not cover stored belongings or it may only cover a fraction of the worth of stored items. Tenant insurance, however, is a legitimate, state-regulated product that offers full protection of stored belongings. The tenant has access to licensed agents to report a claim, which is efficiently processed and paid through insurance.

For the facility manager, educating customers about tenant insurance can be a relationship saver. If a customer has insurance, it saves the manager from having the difficult conversation of telling a tenant that his items are not covered, should an unexpected loss happen. Insurance is also a timesaver for managers; trained and licensed agents will handle the claims process.

For the owner/operator, having an educated facility manager and customers who understand the value of tenant insurance will ultimately bring sustainability and greater success to your company!

About the Author

Mario J. Macaluso is senior vice president for SBOA Tenant Insurance (SBOATI). For five consecutive years, SBOATI has been rated the Best Tenant Insurance by Inside Self Storage. SBOATI is administered by Cornerstone Insurance Producers who is licensed where the product is sold and is dedicated to providing quality insurance products that are compliant with state law. For more information, call 1-800-792-0345 or visit