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The Storage Group Develops Its ADA Compliance Team
Posted 1/24/2018
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Recently, as a proactive approach to anticipated ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance Guidelines, The Storage Group has assembled an internal, dedicated ADA Compliance team.

The ADA Compliance team includes Jill Baker, Director of Sales; Kristin Peregoy, Marketing Manager; Paul Bowers, Creative & Build Director; Richard McQuiston, Director of Technology; Brian Strasburg, Director of Technology; Jody Mann, Search Marketing Manager & Community Giving Coordinator and Britt Johnson, Developer & ADA Compliance Manager.

Heading up the ADA Compliance Team will be Britt Johnson. She brings in over 20 years of web development experience with her.

In fact, Johnson’s career spans across two decades, with experience in creating, editing, hosting and maintaining websites, as well as experience with SEO and social media. She has also been involved in lead generation, traffic control and client sustainability. Britt has contributed to online, broadcast and print as an author for both agency clients and media outlets as well as independent businesses.

“We’re very happy to have Britt on board to help The Storage Group take a proactive approach to ADA Compliance as we design our brand new Level AAA website themes, available later this year,” said The Storage Group’s COO, Steve Lucas.

So far, Johnson has hit the ground running by helping the TSG team retrofit all appropriate websites to add ADA Level A Compliant features. She will also be helping to build new website themes that will satisfy Level AAA ADA Compliancy standards. These ADA compliant self storage websites themes will feature faster load time and additional SEO benefits.

Level AAA ADA Compliant website features include:

  • Text alternatives for non-text content
  • Captions and other alternatives for multimedia
  • Increased functionality so users can see and hear content
  • Enable all website functionality from a keyboard
  • Offer increased time to read and use content
  • Modified content to avoid causing seizures
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Readable text
  • Predictable content appearance and operation
  • Website compatibility with current and future user tools

The Storage Group will soon offer ADA Compliance Audits for self storage facilities. The essential audits will offer insight about whether the self storage website is currently meeting ADA Compliance requirements and what features are needed improve the facility’s website.

ADA compliant website features can offer potential self storage tenants with disabilities a better online experience with storage facilities.

“ADA Compliancy can be overwhelming for someone who is not familiar with it. The Storage Group wants to help self storage facilities take-charge of their website’s level of ADA compliance. As a team we’re here to help facilities offer better access to website visitors with disabilities,” said Lucas.

The Storage Group team looks forward to educating the self storage industry about ADA Compliance for websites and assisting storage professionals with the transition to an ADA compliant site.

The Storage Group (TSG) has over 60 years of combined self storage industry experience and a team of Internet Marketing experts who specialize in website design and online marketing strategies including pay-per-click advertisingsearch engine optimizationsocial media marketing and local listing management. The Storage Group also created the original and most trusted online self storage rental tool, ClickandStor™. TSG’s proven Internet marketing strategies help self storage facilities capture additional revenue and potential customers in their target markets with increased rentals.

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