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Part 3: After the Conversion

Date: 1/24/2018
Author: Bill Ford

This is the continuation of a series of articles that outlines the process of converting to new management software. Part 1 discussed the preparatory steps needed for a smooth conversion while part 2 described the actual events that happen on "Conversion Day". This article highlights the configuration and integration activities that happen immediately after a conversion.

Now that your historical data has been converted to your new management software platform and your business rules have been configured properly, it is time to integrate with your other technology tools. You will want to share data and operations with your company website, your access control systems, your call center and any other data-dependant vendors.

Add a login to your website so that tenants can pay online, print receipts and past statements and file service requests directly into your management software system. After your conversion, your management software can send an “email blast” to your tenants, giving them a registration code so they can self-register on your new tenant portal.

You can also add an online rental procedure to your website. You or your web site provider can use the Application Programming Interface (API) from your management software to put real-time unit inventory and pricing on your website, allowing customers to reserve an available unit directly online. This integration also allows for the full rental of units from your website. You can capture digital signatures online from your new customers during this process and go paperless.

If you have a security gate at your property, you will need to configure the management software and the gate software so they can remain in sync. There are several new access control systems on the market, some of which are even cloud-based, removing the need to run controller software on a local PC.

If you use a call center, you will want to let them know what management software you have chosen. Your call center will be able to pull customer information via API in real time to handle customer calls. The call center will also be able to do move-ins and process payments in your management software via this integration.

The more tightly your integrate your systems with your management software, the more you will be able to automate your business processes. Plan well to get the best return on your software investment.