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SiteLink Expands Paperless Office, Delivers Tools to Increase Rentals
Posted 8/23/2017
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SiteLink, cloud-based software provider for storage operations of all sizes, adds the Lead to Lease feature to SiteLink myHub. The August update also expands controls for owners with an IP restrictions feature, extending SiteLink’s leadership in customer service and the forward-thinking technology customers rely on to strengthen their business.

Faster, Easier Lead to Lease Workflow in SiteLink myHub

The new Lead to Lease menu in SiteLink myHub replaces Inquiries & Reservations to help managers convert more leads to rentals. The new single-screen, top-to-bottom workflow means fewer clicks with a complete view of rates, specials, options and competitor pricing. Lead to Lease lets managers schedule follow-up times—not just dates—and appointments. New settings include instant follow-ups, conversions to rentals and reservations without available units.

Managers rent more because they match leads with the right product faster and overcome price objections with competitor rates at their fingertips. Managers can rent by phone, on the first call and email leases for tenants to sign more easily with the new reservations menu.

“As the leader in eCommerce websites, SiteLink has handled more online payments, reservations and rentals than other systems,” says Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “With Lead to Lease, managers convert more leads from websites and other marketing channels even more quickly than before. SiteLink’s LeadAlert™, TOTAL CRM and Lead to Lease offer owners the biggest competitive advantage yet.”

Lead to Lease allows searching and managing leads and tenants across multiple stores from a central office, similar to a call center. Central management is more efficient because myHub runs extremely fast. Delivering speed consistently is a challenge for cloud systems, but myHub is designed from the ground up to always run fast.

Administrators Limit User Access to SiteLink Web Edition and myHub

New IP settings let administrators limit where, not just when, employees can use SiteLink. Owners now control access more precisely by limiting use of SiteLink Web Edition and myHub to multiple discrete IPs and/or a sequential range. Employees are unable to run SiteLink from devices outside the specified IP list. The IP restrictions come with a Security Level Override so administrators can have access from anywhere. Log-on History reports continue to list IP logins and remain an important part of audits.

SiteLink users can expect steady investment in the growth of their operation’s platform through these and other updates. “Technology will always be evolving,” says Ross Lampe, SiteLink’s President. “At SiteLink, we drive the evolution of software in self storage through continuous innovation and by listening to our customers, turning feedback into features and delivering the best product possible.”

About SiteLink

Founded in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1996, SiteLink leads the industry in cloud-based and Windows self storage management software globally, and built-in, in-house payment processing. Client base feedback, the industry’s largest, and continued innovation result in the fastest, fewest clicks and most modern interface. Profit tools, integrations, quality service and regular updates make SiteLink the favorite of single and multi-store operators, including most top 100 operators. Stores with fewer than 250 units enjoy special bundle pricing. As the leader in website integration and payment processing, SiteLink offers online marketing, reservations, rentals and payment solutions. Built-in electronic signature and document management, TOTAL CRM, revenue management, TeleTracker phone integration and text messaging boost profits. More than fifty SiteLink Marketplace partners like web designers, call centers, kiosks, insurance, access systems and listing services deliver tighter integrations with SiteLink vs. other software. PCI Level 1 & SOC 1 Type II Certifications and industry-first OneSupport deliver software and payment processing support under one roof.

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