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SBOA Member Feature: Next Door Self Storage

Date: 7/17/2017
Author: Phil Murphy

We sat down with SBOA Member Phil Murphy of Next Door Self Storage to learn about his self storage operation and the experiences he has had in the industry. Read on to learn about the challenges, successes and downright strange moments he has encountered running his self storage business. 

Question: What sets your self storage business apart from other operations?

Answer: At Next Door Storage, we really look to technology to streamline and grow our business. We prefer to make the most out of the people we have with great tools and procedures. 

Q: What has been your greatest challenge as a self storage business owner?

A: To balance work with home. It isn't always easy balancing out operations, new development and all the other parts of the business while still having time to spend with my family.

Q: What has been your greatest success as a self storage business owner?

A: Buying my first facility. I mortgaged my condo in the city to come up with the down payment I needed for that property and have now been able to continue to grow that into 14 properties throughout Illinois.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of the self storage industry?

A: The openness. Competitors don't give each other evil looks or try and keep all the secrets to themselves. Instead, the industry really looks to help raise up all ships. We realize that an educated competitor is much easier to work with then one who is taking shots in the dark.

Q: What is the funniest/weirdest experience you have had working at your self storage business?

A: Not sure if this is appropriate but there are a lot of people that seem to think storage is a place to bring their "partner". It always amazes me how often people skip a hotel in order to get cozy in a 5x10.