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2017: The Year of Transparency
Posted 3/7/2017
Author Phil Murphy
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Marketing and advertising campaigns have undergone a tremendous evolution in terms of tracking and results. Attributing sales to individual campaigns directly is not only possible, but expected. Consider the different sources available that drive rentals to your facility. There are walk-ins, referrals, print, billboard and a growing segment that was being labeled “the Internet.” The Internet could be any number of places including Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, yelp, your website, a directory or some other highly visited directory. We can no longer refer to that traffic as “the Internet” as we must, instead, be able to break it down individually and know exactly where that rental came from. To do that we must begin with a solid platform that will help us track and measure our results.

The foundation of this tracking in the past had been relegated to your site manager simply asking “how did you hear about us?” and remembering to enter it somewhere for tracking. What we found was the answer “the Internet” was making an all too often appearance. Either the person renting the unit already forgot or the manager was taking a short cut. Even worse we found that often the manager was skipping the question all together and writing in “the Internet” to save time. At CallPotential and Next Door Self Storage we are all about efficiencies. We want our managers to be able to save time and do their job as easily as possible.

To assist our managers we took a step back and created Marketing Manager. We set up call tracking and recording lines for each of our campaigns that integrate with our property management software and our lead management software. Every single one of our marketing campaigns has their own unique tracking phone number. If a lead called in from visiting our Google AdWords advertisement for instance, it was automatically tracked in our system all the way through the rental. This makes our referral source reporting much more accurate. Adding this extra security and transparency in our marketing campaigns allow us to now attribute accurate ROI’s on every campaign.

Holly Fiorello will be presenting "Lead Tracking from Start to Finish - Determine Your Self Storage Marketing ROI" with Phil Murphy, President/Founder of CallPotential and President of Next Door Self Storage at the Inside Self Storage World Expo in April.

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