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How to Introduce Mobile Technology to Your Facility

Date: 8/25/2016
Author: Jana Basler

For years, consumers have used laptops, smartphones and tablets in their everyday lives. Now may be the time for your self storage facility to follow suit. But where do you get started? Your manager doesn’t have to be tied to their desk any longer; follow these steps to simplify the process of introducing mobile technology to improve your business.

Research your options

When it comes to implementing mobile technology, one size does not fit all. Before jumping in, assess the current issues your facility is facing and predict future problems. The size of your operation will also determine the scope of your plan. For example, small facilities may be able to get by without mobile devices like iPads, smartphones or tablets for office work on the go. Larger facilities with higher customer demand and busier schedules may struggle without them. Research mobile technology options to ensure you’re solving your facility’s biggest challenges.

Create a strategy

After you've decided your biggest areas of opportunity, you can start setting goals. For many self storage owners, the goal is to boost manager productivity by giving them mobile office tools. With facility management software on iPads or tablets, managers are free to work on the go. They can give potential tenants tours of the facility and process move-ins at the same time, from anywhere on the property. Some owners may focus on providing more mobility to tenants with tools like self-service kiosks and remote move-ins, e-sign or bill pay. No matter your mobile goals, it’s important to have a strategy.

As an owner, you can measure the success of your mobile tools by creating benchmarks for productivity. Your facility management software should have high-quality data tracking charts and graphs. With these analytics, you can measure inbound leads, follow-up, the speed of move-ins and more. But be sure to watch for other bumps as well. For example, you might also see a bump in positive customer reviews due to the efficiency of your new mobile move-in process.

Utilize integrated services

To ensure a smooth transition, make sure all of your technology works together with user experience in mind. Some software isn't made to work on mobile devices, so double check compatibility before purchasing. Payment processing, gate software and tenant insurance should all function seamlessly together with mobile technology. With the future of technology becoming more and more mobile, make sure your software and integrated services can keep up.

About Jana Basler

Jana is a marketing content writer living in Kansas City. A graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in psychology and business, Jana enjoys bringing technology, web marketing and industry news and tips to self storage owners and managers.