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Using Self Storage to Declutter Can Lead to Quicker Home Sale
Posted 10/20/2015
Author Winnie Hsiu
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Using Self Storage to Declutter Can Lead to Quicker Home Sale 

Home sellers willing to “stage” their home for prospective buyers often see a faster rate of sale. In a recent survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS, 81 percent of relators agree, “staging a home helps homebuyers visualize the property as a future home.”  In other words, establishing an appealing, de-personalized space that emphasizes architectural elements or home upgrades as opposed to framed personal photos and knick-knacks can translate into a “sold” sign donning the lawn much sooner.

“It’s best to use an offsite self storage unit to store the decor, furniture, and other personal items you don’t want to part ways with,” Karen Otto, owner of Home Star Staging told “This will maximize the floor space of your house and create a fresh, clean feeling in your home and in your photos.” 

Nothing helps declutter a home like a move. Putting belongings out of sight— and thereby out of a homebuyer’s minds, should be a top priority. Some staging experts suggest taking a photo of each room in a home. This helps sellers see their space with new eyes and identify crowded areas and personal items. Then, the decluttering can begin. 

“A good way to store belongings is to start packing up items that are not needed for this home, and store boxes neatly in a garage or at a off site storage rental building,” Ronique Gibson of Freshome magazine wrote. “This process will help you purge and throw out what you don’t need at your next home, while clearing up open and appealing viewing space for homebuyers to see. “

Even after examining photos of each room, some sellers may need a little more guidance in determining what must be stored away. Stagers are professionals who help sellers determine what to keep in a room while showing a home, and also how to best place furnishings and objects to lend to a home sale. Some of their top recommendations for things to store away as one stages a home are: 

Well-worn furnishings

Even if a sofa is a family heirloom or an armchair is a comfy favorite, furnishings that exhibit wear and tear or that may seem outdated to prospective buyers are best stored. Many sellers opt to rent modern furniture even if its not to their own taste. Companies specialize in renting furnishings specifically for staging a home. These pieces are usually simple, neutral and fashionable to appeal to a broader spectrum of homebuyers. 

Off-season clothing

The emptier the closet, the bigger it appears. Thinning down a clothing collection before showing a house can do wonders for the space. The best approach is to simply box up and store away clothing one is not currently wearing. If it’s summer, store coats, boots, sweaters, and outerwear out of sight. 

Personal Pictures, Souvenirs and Small Items

Walls shouldn’t be totally bare, nor should shelves. Making a house appear unlived in is not the aim. However, a few carefully placed items as opposed to stacks of books, handfuls of family pictures or religious decor will help depersonalize a home. Remember, the goal now is to help buyers see themselves in your home. Other items that distract are small knick knacks. 

“Small items appear as visual clutter,” Otto says, “especially in photos.” Clutter can distract buyers and make a space seem smaller than it really is, which can both be turn-offs. 

Clear out kitchen décor

An uninterrupted working area with only few useful items and appliances will go a long way. Remove kitchen décor and counter clutter, as well as appliances not frequently used. The kitchen should appear spacious and counters should feel vast.

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