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Call Analytics Help You Provide Better Customer Service
Posted 8/24/2015
Author IVR
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There’s an old adage when it comes to better customer service:

Do you want it fast or do you want it done well? Fortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, customers can call to get an item at the push of a button. This means that if customers are made to wait on hold for too they may not actually believe their call is important to you.

Call analytics are more than just pie charts and bar graphs; they are a power tool that can improve your customer service. With call analytics, you’ll get a better understanding of your customers. You’ll know where they are from, what their needs are, and what brought them to you.

Nowadays, what usually brings a customer to you is a smartphone. When customers find your website through a search engine, it’s a good idea to have a click to call button handy so that they can get a hold of you right away. When a click to call button is used, your customers will be routed to the location best suited to help them. When the click to call button is clicked using a smartphone, the call analytics report will keep track of the phone’s physical location. Likewise, if someone found you on a computer, the analytics report will report their location based off the IP address of the user. Both will be placed in a call analytics report.

Mobile and tablet users can be tracked separately from those who found you using a computer. Knowing the location and the technology used by your customers can help you fine tune your advertising to meet their needs and boost sales, providing better customer service.

Is school starting soon in your state?
– Advertise back to school specials in certain areas
– Help customers take advantage of summer specials
– Remind drivers to stay alert and cautious in school zones and not to use their smart phones while they drive

Your customers will be thankful, and mindful, of what you say when you put your message out there. Mobile advertising can target specific areas, such as counties or cities. With call analytics, you’ll know which areas triggered the best responses, or even which ads were most effective.

Location targeting also helps you focus your advertising on the areas where you’ll find the right customers. With this in mind, call analytics reporting will help you figure out which locations are performing well. If a group of people were clicking from just outside your normal market area, it could provide insight as to where your business could benefit from putting a new location.

Simply put:
Customer calls
+ less time on hold
Better overall customer satisfaction = Better Customer Service

CallOutcome360 is our call tracking system that allows you to drive and develop strategies to reach your customers. With our comprehensive call analytics we can help improve your company’s performance and provide better customer service. We also help you target the ROI on advertisements, by helping you figure out when and where your customers see you.

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