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A Text Blast and Pay by Phone Solution for Apartment Renters: Make Tenants Happy
Posted 8/24/2015
Author IVR
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 The other day I had the pleasure of visiting one of Orlando’s newest attractions, the Orlando Eye. When we were about 400 feet above the city, my date mentioned that she forgot to pay her rent. Just when I was trying to ask if there were any late fees, she pulled out her smartphone and sent out a text. Low and behold, she paid it by text and could continue the date in peace.

Not everyone is fortunate to live in an apartment complex with a pay by phone solution. Some complexes will allow people to pay by placing a check in a night deposit box. However, some have abandoned that due to a rash of robberies. This led to tenants getting evicted for doing the right thing.

If a complex is closed on the weekends, the payment due date is moved a few days. It’s inconvenient to the complex as their clerks are likely to be swamped as soon as they open on the next available business day. It’s also an inconvenience to tenants as they may have paid but their check could be lost under a pile of others. This happened to me once.  Fortunately, I kept my receipt that proved I paid on time.

If your apartment complex wants to enter the 21st century there is an easy solution, and IVR Technology Group can help. With iPay, our pay by phone solution, payments can be quick and easy. Your staff won’t dread a torrent of tenants that come when rent payments are due.

Best of all, your tenants will love iPay as well. They don’t have to search for their checkbook or worry when the payment will clear. Our pay by phone solution eliminates all those questions, as payments are instantly verified. Your tenant will get a text message letting them know it cleared and not worry if your staff goes to the bank on time. They don’t even have to worry about cutting a vacation short to pay the rent. With iPay, payments can be made anywhere and at anytime.

Is the grace period to pay rent without a late fee coming to an end? Cut down on the number of late payments by sending personalized reminder notifications a few days before the grace period ends. Our messaging service, nResponse, can remind your tenants to make their payments. nResponse is an automated system that makes reminder notifications quick and easy for you to send. With nResponse, a payment reminder is sent out according to the method that each tenant prefers:

– Email
– Text message
– Phone call

With nResponse, you can create, manage & store contact lists to send out a text or voice message blast. Your tenant’s contact information is stored in our secure system, so it stays safe.

Make payments for your tenants easier with a Pay by Phone Solution, Text Blast and Voice Broadcast

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