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Self-Storage with Style: New Facilities Opt for Sleek, Sexy Design

Date: 2/27/2015
Author: Stephen Hollowell

 Self-Storage with Style: New Facilities Opt for Sleek, Sexy Design

As the industry of self-storage continues to prosper, so does the competition within the market. With increasingly more real estate investors and entrepreneurs entering into the business of self-storage, it is important to think about what can set your storage properties apart from the competition in order to succeed.

Blending in to Stand Out

To stand out from the competition, some storage companies have decided to blend in. Times are changing in the self-storage industry, and the facilities that were once warehouse-like eyesores are now starting to resemble their surroundings, with sleek and modern design and features aimed to reflect that of the nearby neighborhoods or retail complexes.

Attractive Self-Storage in South Beach

A recent example of this is the soon-to-be-constructed Urban Box Self Storage in South Beach, Miami, planned to break ground in June 2015. South Beach is the epitome of stylish and sexy, therefore it seems fit that it will soon be home to, “one of the most attractive self-storage facilities in the world,” according to the South Florida Business Journal.

Words like “stylish” and “sexy” are usually not the first that come to mind when thinking about self-storage facilities, but Florida developers Ken Edelman and Alan Potamkin wanted the building design of the 22,500 square foot facility to fit into the upscale surrounding neighborhood.

High-End Clientele Meets Upscale Storage

The need for self-storage is not exclusive to the middle class – those living in high-end residential areas need to store their personal and household items as well. This presents a need for self-storage facilities in upscale neighborhoods that reflect the modern design and architecture of their surroundings.

Another example of stylish design in self-storage is StorSecure on the eastern shores of Oahu, Hawaii, where many of the newer facilities resemble small resorts or hotels. Since the facility is located next to multi-million dollar beachfront properties, it was designed to meet community architectural standards.

“We really wanted to become part of the neighborhood,” said Annette Pang, VP of Marketing for the Honolulu-based StorSecure. “The last thing we wanted to do was become an eyesore or diminish the value of these beautiful homes.”



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