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SiteLink and SBOA Announce the ACH Integration for Payments at Stores and on websites
Posted 5/29/2012
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SiteLink, the leader in self-storage management software, announces another milestone in growing the partnership with the Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) to expand payment solutions for SiteLink Web Edition users. The SBOA’s ACH gateway integration lowers the credit card fees Web Edition users pay. ACH, also known as direct debit or bank draft, is a compelling alternative to automatic billing by credit card.    

“Owners incur substantially lower fees for ACH payments,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s COO. “We are pleased to expand existing ties with the SBOA’s credit card and insurance services. ACH delivers even more value to SBOA and SiteLink clients.”

The SBOA’s ACH payment gateway reduces reliability challenges inherent with credit card payments. ACH payments, a low-cost alternative to automatic credit card billing, eliminate the hassle for managers of calling tenants after their credit cards expired or were lost, compromised or stolen. When tenants choose ACH, SiteLink Web Edition automatically withdraws payments from tenants’ checking accounts. The integration gives tenants one more payment option while significantly reducing credit card fees and administrative efforts for owners.

“We are glad we migrated to the ACH integration with Web Edition at our stores,” said Ricky Jenkins, The Jenkins Organization’s president. “ACH transactions lower credit card fees, enhance our customer service and ensure payment continuity.”

Web Edition lets tenants pay by ACH on websites, not just at stores. More owners use Web Edition to add convenience fees for tenants who pay online. Small convenience fees for online payments grow profits and off-set credit card fees.

About SiteLink

With more than 5,000 installations worldwide, SiteLink Web Edition is one of the most popular software programs in the self-storage industry. Quality service, continuous updates and user-friendliness have made Web Edition a favorite of single- and multi-store operators alike.

Regular, automatic live updates deliver new features and technologies such as the electronic signature capture and document storage using DocuSign. More than 65 of the top 100 operators run Web Edition today. Web Edition is highly scalable and easy to deploy. At no additional charge, Web Edition integrates with other platforms such as smart phones, websites, listing services, INSOMNIAC KIOSKS and central mail providers. Powerful features like revenue management, integrated CRM, email and recently added text messaging allow users to grow revenue and lower the cost of owning software.

SMD Software – SiteLink is attending the Great Lakes Self-Storage Owners Summit in Chicago on June 5-7, 2012 and the Storage Expo in Sydney, Australia on June 14, 2012.

Please contact Markus Hecker at 919-865-0789 x1 or markus(at)sitelink(dot)com for more information about SiteLink and the DocuSign™ integration. Visit today.

About the SBOA

The SBOA was founded by Ian Burnstein and David M. Levenfeld, owners and operators of multiple self- storage facilities, who realized an industry-wide need for small- to medium-sized owners to band together to better compete with the larger storage companies. SBOA has grown to more than 1,900 member-facilities since its launch in February, 2010. Membership opens the door to vendor deals that can lead to savings of thousands of dollars per facility per year.

SBOA membership is open to any self storage facility owner or operator. For more information or to join, please visit [ or call 248-254-9000.

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