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Online Self Storage Web Directories Starting to Specialize
Posted 11/11/2011
Author Winnie Hsiu
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When the Yellow Pages first started coming out back in 1886 they filled a very specific need. Thanks to the creation of this new-fangled communication device called the telephone there was a need for a directory of numbers or people and places that had phones. Over a century later the need for a directory remains, but the avenue by which people access it has changed.

While the Yellow Pages are still delivered by your local phone company, people are more likely to go online and search for what they need. To make that task easier, businesses like the self storage industry have started creating online directories specializing in only self storage facilities.

A few sites have popped up in recent years that will help those looking for self storage find a facility in any part of the country that the site has members in. Since they typically have thousands of members finding one in a given location is usually not a problem; covers approximately 97 percent of the country.

Just like any business, there are self storage directories that have begun to specialize in what they list. Rather than cover the entire country with whichever self storage facility joins their system, they cover certain geographical areas or only list certain self storage units.

One By One Storage recently launched its own self storage directory geared towards only the San Diego area. The site is already up and functioning having launched in June.

“Searching for self storage online can be really messy. Search engines tend to show results only according to their ranking rules and other sites are very biased…” said the founder of the site.

Their’s is not the only location specific one. also recently launched; it makes the task of sifting through the 800+ self storage facilities in the greater Chicago area fairly easy for possible tenants to navigate.

Another specialized self storage directory does not deal with just a particular location, but with a particular type of self storage facility. Members of the Storage Business Owners Alliance, a group that exists to help independent self storage facilities compete with the corporations, joined forces with to create their own online directory,

“We are proud to announce another great service for the members of the SBOA,” Ian Burnstein, president of SBOA said. “The StorageClicks partnership will enhance lead volume at our member-facilities at no charge for the first year and a nominal charge thereafter.”


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