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It's all in the Name for Self Storage Websites
Posted 10/31/2011
Author Kim Kilpatrick
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One of the first things that every business tries to think of is a good, catchy name; one that lets people know who they are, what they do, and is one that is easy to remember. Who you and what you do are pretty important things for customers to know; however, if they can’t remember you it doesn’t matter.

For the self storage industry, figuring out the name of one’s facility or company is not real difficult. Just about every one of them will have either “self storage” or “storage” somewhere in the name. Some customers will go with a name that will show up first in the phone book or at the top of a page thinking they might get a boost by being the first name potential customer see.

Russ Williams may or may not have taken this approach when he named the first self storage facility in Texas back in the 1960s; he called it A-1 U-Store-It U-Lock-It U-Carry-the-Key (first in the phone book and even though you may not remember the whole name it is certainly catchy).

As more and more websites start to pop up on the World Wide Web aimed at helping customers find self storage facilities and auctions in their area, the name is becoming more and more important. The Storage Business Owners Alliance (SBOA) and have created one that will serve as a directory for the members of the SBOA. The name of it makes its purpose and function painfully clear—“”

“We are proud to announce another great service for the members of the SBOA,” Ian Burnstein, president of SBOA said. “The StorageClicks partnership will enhance lead volume at our member-facilities at no charge for the first year and a nominal charge thereafter.”

Services like this are potentially invaluable ones for self storage facilities. Most facilities in the United States are owned by individuals or partnerships that may have one or two other facilities or a handful at most. There are approximately 30,230 companies that own over 45,000 of the self storage facilities in the United States.

For those facilities who likely don’t have the advertising budget that some of the major companies do, getting listed in an online directory can be the key to success. Directories like are an important part of their business.

However, much like the self storage industry itself, there is some competition when it comes to self storage directories too. is a popular one, and has also launched the Self Storage Network that includes sites like that are geared towards connecting potential customers with self storage facilities anywhere in the country.


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